About Us

“To be a global leader in providing quality education and training services.”

“To educate and train global citizens to make them effective and competent contributors to society.”

We focus on understanding our students and putting their interests first.

We empower our people to e professionals demostrating the highest standards of ethics and intregrity.

We drive for innovation and creativity in our programmes, services and everything we do.

We strive to be responsible corporate citizens in every society we serve.

We endeavour to provide optimum and sustainable returns to our stakeholders.

We focus on achieving and enhancing quality result in our programmes, services and in al that we do and deliver.

Informatics Group

The Informatics Group, listed on the mainboard of the Stock Exchange of Singapore was established in 1983, and is a multinational corporation providing lifelong learning services in information technology and business management. Informatics presently has a global network spanning more than 50 countries, offering programmes from O/A Levels (for international students) to undergraduate and post-graduate degree completions. The company won may awards including the Singapore Brand Awards 2002 and 2003, the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organizations (SQC for PEO) as well as the People Developer Standards Award. It was also named by USA Forbes Magazines as one of the 100 Best Managed Small Companies outside of USA.

Informatics Philippines

Informatics Philippines, established in 1994, is a multinational corporation committed to provide quality training and education in Information and Communications Technology to Filipinos. Informatics has more than 30 centers operating nationwide providing lifelong learning courses on Corporate Productivity, Business Solutions and Higher Education from undergraduate to post graduate degree completions. The Company has won many awards including the 12th Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards (2005), the National Consumers Council (2001, 2002 and 2004), the National Consumers Quality Awards as Outstanding Computer School. The Company was also elevated to the Hall of Fame award for winning the International Master Franchise of the Year Award (Service Category) for two consecutive years (2001-2002), by the Department of Trade and Industry and by the Philippine Franchise Association. Informatics was also awarded by the Parangal ng Bayan Foundation with the National Consumers Excellence Award for Outstanding IT School in view of its significant contribution to the well-being of the Filipino Consumers. Globally, Informatics has won many awards including the Singapore Brand Awards 2002 and 2003, the Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organizations (SQC for PEO) as well as People Developer Standards Award. Informatics Philippines is part of a network of training and education companies that operates in over 50 countries spanning Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Informatics Group is listed on the mainboard of the Stock Exchange of Singapore.

Education Policy

The heart of Informatics’ philosophy is to consistently provide students with globally-recognized and premium quality training services, thereby ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Education Policy Detail

Informatics is committed to making education available to those who need it so that they can contribute to the development of their country.
Informatics has the responsibility to identify and develop leaders among its students.
Informatics is consistently upgrading its resources, especially in the area of human resources where the Informatics staff are given recognition for their invaluable contribution.

Quality Policy

Informatics commitment to quality is carried through by Informatics Quality Management System, which encompasses all aspects and levels in the organization from course design to program scheduling, student assessment/ examination to counseling services and staff training.

This commitment to excel beyond customers’ expectations by providing quality services and products has enabled Informatics to receive international recognition through the ISO (International Standard Organization) 9001 certification for design capability. The centers in the Informatics network are ISO 9002 certified for program delivery and management.