Senior High School

Why Choose Informatics Senior High?

BE A BETTER YOU: Informatics’ ICT driven curriculum
allows you to acquire skills that can boost your success
in your chosen career in the future. Knowledge in digital
technology is now considered an essential skill in most workplace.

BE AHEAD OF YOUR PEERS: ICT jobs are not only currently in-demand
in the job market but it also pays more than the average
entry-level career.

CREATE YOUR FUTURE: ICT allows you to create digital solutions
that provide faster and more efficient alternatives.
Facebool, Uber, Twitter – these are ICT creations that have changed
our lives.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: ICT skills afford you to work in the comforts
of your own home while possibly earning more than the ones who
commute daily and spend 8 hours in thew office.

Our Senior High School Specialization


Computer Programming

Contact Center Services




1.  Bring a valid school ID

2. Sign-up for SHS

3. You will be given a Notice of Acceptance

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